As salaamu alaikum.

My question:  Verse 5:45 instructs man that revenge  can be taken – only to
the extent  of injury/ harm received, and not more. And of course to forgive is
better and expiate the victim’s sins.. The question this is about physical
harm, what about psychological or mental harm or torture? The Quraan has
mentioned  more than once that to create fasaad( chaos/unrest) is worse than
killing. (eg verse 2:217) what will be the punishment or revenge  for causing
harm ?

Jazak Allah khairan for your answer.
Ma assalaamah

[by Dr. Saifullah]

Wa ‘Alaikumussalaam,

Praise be to Allaah.

In an Islamic State the Qadhi will decide the punishment depending on the damage, disruption and terror caused by the fasaad/chaos/unrest  – the punishment could vary from simple prison to death penalty!

And Allah knows the best!

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