Assalaamu ‘Alaikum!

In this summer, during almost every Jumu’ah prayer, there was power failure in our mosque. Same was reported by devotees in mosques situated in Dhaka as far as 20 km from my house. I was thinking whether it was part of the concerted “secularization” efforts undertaken by a Government which seems to be determined to take the country back to the “1972 constitution”. However, the latest innovative step of advancing the clocks seems to be a “blessing in disguise” for the Muslims, Alhamdulillah! And possibly it (meaning, this advantage for the practicing Muslims) went unnoticed when the policy/decision makers sat for their discussion and/or decision making.

If you notice Singaporean daily life, you would see that, the sunrise is usually little after 07:00 and for an average Muslim, it becomes very easy to attend the Fajr congregation and go for their daily affairs without either:

1)Spending 2/3 hours doing nothing after the Fajr prayer, waiting for the office/school time and possibly regretting the “loss of sleep”.
2)Sleeping through the Fajr hours and disobeying the Lord and thus risking gradual and complete depletion of Imaan. (A Sheeh Hadith says that, Fajr and Isha congregations feel heavy on a Munafiq and hence he feels reluctant to go to the mosque during these times.)

In our country the Fajr congregation was at 04:45 before the advancing of the clocks – for attending which one should wake up at least by 04:30 – and that possibly was the main reason for which many “lukewarm” Muslims could never make it to the mosque (and probably also couldn’t offer the Fajr in time even at home). Now with the advancing, it has become very easy for EVERY Muslim to go to mosque for EVERY congregation including the Fajr and Isha – Alhamdulillah!

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