Assalamu alaikum,

There is someone I know who used to pray but in her life there were short periods of time while she did not pray, one period is of 15 days almost and the other is of 2/3 days around. Alhamdulillah now she has taken Islam seriously. She prays regularly, does hijab. She knows that scholars say that a person is a non-Muslim who do not pray. She wants to know if this will apply in her case or not? If applies then does she have to say shahadah to re-enter Islam?

Answer: [By Dr. Manzure-e-Ilahi]

Wa ‘Alaikumussalaam,

Praise be to Allah.

She doesn’t have to say any formal “Shahadah”. All she has to do is make “tawba” and “isteghfar” sincerely for her shortcomings in the past. Moreover she should now gain knowledge about the conditions of “Shahadah” and fulfill them. [You can find the conditions of Shahadah here: ]

And Allah knows the best!

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