Dear brothers and sisters in Islam, I wanted some clear conception regarding hajj..
Hope to get some help from you all.
My question and the options are mentioned below:-

1. What is better for someone who have already done farz hajj? a.doing hajj for the second time. that amount in charity
c.doing umrah during the month of ramadan.

Zajakallakhair for the help and access to this oppurtunity for clearing our doubts.

Answer: [By Dr. Saifullah]

Wa ‘Alaikumussalaam,

Praise be to Allah.

If your environment has got many poor people and poverty and you can choose only one of the two things: helping the poor OR going to Hajj – then you should help the poor (assuming you have already performed your fard Hajj, as mentioned in your question). If after helping the poor, you still have means, then you should go for Hajj.

And Allah knows the best!

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