Assalaamu ‘Alaikum!

I had very negative feelings about blogs. A younger friend once asked me to write here. But, I just brushed it away with the notion that, only people doing nothing could spend so much of time to write and/or read so many useless things.

I lost my brother in the BDR incident on the 25th of February, 2009. At that time I was hopping from one source of information to another, for some real clue. I discovered some finest writings on the subject matter being posted here @ somewhere in …blog. And then I started flipping through the pages every now and then and finally that lead me to register. Now I feel that, some very wise and well informed people, full of insight, do write here. For a example a very recent post on Obama:
Click This Link

I was really impressed by the analysis.

I hope to write in Bangla in future insha’Allah – I have some “keyboard problem” at the moment. I would get a USB keyboard to type Bangla easily.

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