Wa ‘Alaikissalaam!

Welcome to the blog situated/located in a country which has got a population of which 87% are Muslims. Yet, we feel apartheid here – we feel minority in our own surroundings. Few days back, I read a beautiful article from “islamweb”. And out of joy, I felt I should share it with my brothers and sisters in Islam! So, I posted the article “verbatim” – if you like. Within seconds, the domestic atheists of this blog came running after me and scolding me in unbelievable terms. I blocked couple of them, but I saw they were putting ‘_’ for an article which was about Rasul (SAW) – loving whom more than our souls is a precondition of Eemaan:


Not only that, the blog authority punished me by making me general and saying:

“dear blogger,

we are very sorry that we had to remove one of your post (Was Muhammad (SAW) a true Prophet?) from the front page.

please note: this action just to keep a diversity of topics in the front page according to rule:

2h. if your post is used as an advertisement rather than information about a product or service.

Most interesting part of the above notice is the part where they say:
[sর্“….. if your post is used as an advertisement rather than information about a product or service.”

Amazing isn’t it ??!! Writing about Muhammad (SAW) has become like writing unduly about “some product” which you want to promote. Whereas in this blog-site so many people write about the lives and philosophies of so many people from Buddah to Che Guevara to Gandhi to Sheikh Mujib and so on. Officially a site like this promotes democracy – and hence everybody has the right to speak out their beliefs and creeds. But it seems right to be different is granted to everybody except the Muslims – who are apartheid in their own land.

Best of luck and welcome!

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