As salaamu alaikum.I would appreciate very much if you could please help me understand verse 2:170 the meaning of which is  ”waseeyat is made obligatory (kutiba) on you regarding your wealth….” . What is the difference between “waseeyat” and making a will. My understanding is that making a will is not permissible in Islam.  Also,  verse 4:7-8 gives specific instruction about inheritance. Then is verse 2:170 talking of any special situation?

Jazak Allah khairan for your help

Ma assalaamah.

Answer: [By Dr. Saifullah]

Wa ‘Alaikumussalaam!,

Praise be to Allah.

We feel that you made a mistake in quoting the verse – it should be 2:180, instead of 2:170. This verse i.e. 2:180 was abrogated and the “hukm” is no longer valid (mansukh). Also, “waseeyat” and “will” are the same thing. You can make “waseeyat” to give away at the most one third of your property/possessions after your death to someone (or some organization like say, Madrasa etc) who is/are not due inheritor(s) of your property.

And Allah knows the best.

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