السلام عليكم ورحمة الله و بركاته

What is the ruling on reciting sura Fatiha in the congregational prayer in the 3rd & 4th rakah for the Imam?

Our Khatib of the mosque does not recite sura Fatiha in 3rd & 4th rakah of the congregational prayer. He also makes ruku & Sijda very fast. When I mentioned this to our regular Imam, he told me reciting Fatiha in the 3rd & 4th rakah in the congregational prayer is Sunnate Muaqqadah not wajib for Imam.
Should I perform salah behind such Imam who does not recite Fatiha, does not give me enough time to recite Fatiha & does not make ruku or sijda calmly.

Answer:[by Dr. Manzur-e-Elahi]

In any case a person is always advised to look for a better Imam.

[NOTE: Surah Fathiha should be recited by the Imam in every Rakat]

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