I want to ask that whether it is permitted to recite any dua in the
Bitr salaat in addition to the precribed Qunut or not? I have seen in
video that in Makkah, the Imam supplicates for a long time in the


Answer: [Verified by Dr. Manzur-e-Elahi]

Wa ‘Alaikumussalaam.

Praise be to Allaah.

There is difference of opinions on this matter. However, we feel that, the view which says it is permitted to make additional du’a is more correct.

Also, the supplication over a long period of time, which you see is at the end of completion of reciting the whole of Qur’an and is a special occasion – done towards the end of Ramadaan after the Tarawee.

And Allah knows the best!

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