Question:icdbd-QA/0030 Assalaamu 'Alaikum. .............. .............. My father's income sources are not completely halal at all, he is working  for an Insurance company(so far I know it's not permissible in Islam),he also runs an immigration service business, has some share business , may be some halal sources too. My father prays his salah but doesn't have proper knowledge of Islam. 1.My question is do I have right over his property or money,since his earning is mixture of halal and haram?? 2. I want to start a halal business by the help of his money??…continue reading →


Question:icdbd-QA/0029 Assalamualaikum, Dear brothers and sisters in Islam, I wanted some clear conception regarding hajj.. Hope to get some help from you all. My question and the options are mentioned below:- 1. What is better for someone who have already done farz hajj? a.doing hajj for the second time. b.giving that amount in charity c.doing umrah during the month of ramadan. Zajakallakhair for the help and access to this oppurtunity for clearing our doubts. Answer: [By Dr. Saifullah] Wa 'Alaikumussalaam, Praise be to Allah. If your environment has got many poor people and…continue reading →