Question:icdbd-QA/0022 As salaamu alaikum. I would appreciate very much if you could please help me understand verse 2:170 the meaning of which is  ”waseeyat is made obligatory (kutiba) on you regarding your wealth….” . What is the difference between “waseeyat” and making a will. My understanding is that making a will is not permissible in Islam.  Also,  verse 4:7-8 gives specific instruction about inheritance. Then is verse 2:170 talking of any special situation? Jazak Allah khairan for your help Ma assalaamah. Answer: [By Dr. Saifullah] Wa 'Alaikumussalaam!, Praise be to Allah. We feel…continue reading →


Question:icdbd-QA/0021 Assalamu Alaikum I used to keep my broken Ramadan fasts and 6 days fast of Shawal on the same days. I used to say two different niyahs. But now my sister in Islam says that I cannot keep fast for two niyahs. These fasts  should be kept separately. Now what would happen to my previous fasts. Do I need to do anything regarding those? Will my broken Ramadan fasts that I kept be valid? Answer: [By Dr. Saifullah] Wa 'Alaikumussalaam!, Praise be to Allaah. You do not have to do anything and…continue reading →