Question:icdbd-QA/0017 As salaamu alaikum. My question:  Verse 5:45 instructs man that revenge  can be taken – only to the extent  of injury/ harm received, and not more. And of course to forgive is better and expiate the victim’s sins.. The question this is about physical harm, what about psychological or mental harm or torture? The Quraan has mentioned  more than once that to create fasaad( chaos/unrest) is worse than killing. (eg verse 2:217) what will be the punishment or revenge  for causing harm ? Jazak Allah khairan for your answer. Ma assalaamah Answer:[by…continue reading →


Question:icdbd-QA/0016 Assalamualaikum, My wife has an expensive photographic camera from her time of being jaahil. Nowthat Allah has shown her the right path, she does not use this camera  for photography except for taking snaps of skies, flowers etc rarely. Please provide a guideline whether we can sell this to anyone as we fear that this might be used to take photos of animated beings which is not permissible. May Allah give you good return. Answer:[by Dr. Saifullah] Wa 'Alaikumussalaam, Praise be to Allaah. Selling the camera will be permissible for you! And…continue reading →


Question:icdbd-QA/0015 Fasting became obligatory on me at the age of 14 when I became baaleg. due to ignorance and also lack of proper understanding of deen, I used to fast only 15 days on average on each Ramadaan till the age of 22. After this, I have fasted all along till now Alhamdulillah. Now that Allah has endowed me with proper understanding of Deen, I want to make up for those missed fasts by fasting and offering qaffara. at the age of 26 (presently), how many poor should be fed to make up…continue reading →


Question:icdbd-QA/0014 To what extent a man can look at a woman with the purpose of marriage?  Please mention the parts of the body that can be made visible (for example, Hands, forearms, neck, Hair etc). Answer:[by Dr. Manzur-e-Elahi] Praise be to Allaah. Only face and hands up to wrist. And Allah knows the best! [Note from ICD: Please note that, scholars differ widely on this - some even permit showing the hair, if that is necessary for creating the willingness in the man concerned to marry a woman.]continue reading →


Question:icdbd-QA/0013 السلام عليكم ورحمة الله و بركاته What is the ruling on reciting sura Fatiha in the congregational prayer in the 3rd & 4th rakah for the Imam? Our Khatib of the mosque does not recite sura Fatiha in 3rd & 4th rakah of the congregational prayer. He also makes ruku & Sijda very fast. When I mentioned this to our regular Imam, he told me reciting Fatiha in the 3rd & 4th rakah in the congregational prayer is Sunnate Muaqqadah not wajib for Imam. Should I perform salah behind such Imam who…continue reading →


Question:icdbd-QA/0012 Assalamualaikum, Please share a guideline regarding how naseeha will be done to people who fixes a future point of time to carry out shareeah ruling. for example, some people fixes that he will do hazz after the age of 50, or he will keep beard after next ramadaan, or He will wear pants/ijaar above ancle after marrying as doing that will make impossible to marry a decent girl. He will tell his wife to observe hijaab after doing hazz etc. it is beyond question that we need to be softer in giving…continue reading →


Question:icdbd-QA/0011 Dear Sir Assalamualaikum. All praises to Allah. I would be glad if you could kindly provide the answer to the following question: What does the Sharia say about use of black dye and other dyes in hair by old men and women? Thanks. Answer:[by Dr. Manzur-e-Elahi] Wa 'Alaikumussalaam! Praise be to Allaah. Using black dye is not allowed in Islam. However Henna (Mehdi) and other colors are generally allowed, if those are not harmful. And Allah knows the best!continue reading →