icdbd-QA/0021: Combining make-up fasting of Ramadan and Fasting of Shawal

I used to keep my broken Ramadan fasts and 6 days fast of Shawal on the same days. I used to say two different niyahs. But now my sister in Islam says that I cannot keep fast for two niyahs. These fasts  should be kept separately. Now what would happen to my previous fasts. Do I need to do anything regarding those? Will my broken Ramadan fasts that I kept be valid?

icdbd-QA/0019: can I give zakaah to my uncle though my aunt may have nisaab amount of gold ornaments

My aunt had been living in Libya with her husband for last 25 years. Recently she has returned from there in the wake of current war there. She and her husband (my uncle) has 6 children. They could not bring any money or valuables with them other than some gold ornaments of my aunt. I do not know the exact amount of gold. Now they are living with my uncle's mother. They are living hardly off some rents from a few shops on that same land. The land though is in my uncle's name has certain disputes and my uncle cannot sell it off to bear their expenses. Besides, their current house is built on it. My question is can I give zakaah to my uncle though my aunt may have nisaab amount of gold ornaments considering that it's not her duty to bear their family expenses? Fi Amanillah

icdbd-QA/0017: To what extent one can take revenge of his harm/injury

My question:  Verse 5:45 instructs man that revenge  can be taken – only to the extent  of injury/ harm received, and not more. And of course to forgive is better and expiate the victim’s sins.. The question this is about physical harm, what about psychological or mental harm or torture? The Quraan has mentioned  more than once that to create fasaad( chaos/unrest) is worse than killing. (eg verse 2:217) what will be the punishment or revenge  for causing harm ?

icdbd-QA/0016: Selling of Camera

My wife has an expensive photographic camera from her time of being jaahil. Nowthat Allah has shown her the right path, she does not use this camera  for photography except for taking snaps of skies, flowers etc rarely. Please provide a guideline whether we can sell this to anyone as we fear that this might be used to take photos of animated beings which is not permissible. May Allah give you good return.

icdbd-QA/0015: Does he require to make-up fasting which were missed when he was not so sincere about islam

Question:icdbd-QA/0015 Fasting became obligatory on me at the age of 14 when I became baaleg. due to ignorance and also lack of proper understanding of deen, I used to fast only 15 days on average on each Ramadaan till the age of 22. After this, I have fasted all along till now Alhamdulillah. Now that Allah has endowed me with proper understanding of Deen, I want to make up for those missed fasts by fasting and offering qaffara. at the age of 26 (presently), how many poor should be fed to make up…continue reading →

icdbd-QA/0010: Ruling on discriminating among children

My husband has 2 siblings, an elder brother and sister. My parents in-law are very biased about their daughter. So much that my father in-law already declared that his property will be divided into 3 equal shares. I, on the other hand, am the only child of my father, and as per Islamic rule I will get only half of his properties, which I am okay with. But still I consoled my husband saying that it is his father's property and he can decide what to do with it. This is just one example, there are so so many of them. My husband is their youngest child and is very emotional. He is in huge mental unrest! So, I want to know whether there is any such ruling that prevents parents from doing such discrimination.

icdbd-QA/0009: Should a pregnant mother continue her involvement in academic activities

  • whether a pregnant mother should still continue her involvement in academic activities (even an Islamic one) which requires her to go to distant university in the later stage of the pregnancy. it resembles those sisters who do not practice deen and go to their corporate office even week before the delivery. This is in the greater interest of increasing the number of Muslim community in future where the earning of knowledge can be deferred. Also whether completing studies in a worldly discipline or a Deeni one is any excuse to delay consummation of marriage and family planning. Please answer with respect to situation in Bangladesh.

icdbd-QA/0004: Buying Primary Shares

Is it permissible to buy shares in companies (primary shares from a company which
has not entered into the share market) and is the earnings  (dividends) from thosecompany halal?   These are companies which claim they do not deal in any kind of  interest or riba.  They don’t borrow money from the normal commercial banks but if necessary they borrow from Islamic banks  like , IBBL, AB Bank or Shahjalal Bank etc.