Be Thankful for the Simple Things

A man once approached a wise sage complaining of poverty. The sage asked him: "Would you sell me your eyesight for 100 thousand gold coins?" The man said no. The sage continued: "Would you sell me your hearing for 100 thousand gold coins?" The man again said no. The sage then asked the man about his hands, his feet, his sanity, and his other limbs. To each question the man replied that he would not sell. The sage then pointed out to the man that he had valued himself to the tune of a few million gold coins. The sage then declared: "You have a great debt upon your shoulders. This great wealth you possess places demands on you. When are you going to show thanks? Instead, you complain that you want more. Your Lord is truly forgiving and generous."

এক অনন্য সম্পদের খোঁজে

আমি যেখানে কাজ করি তার জানালা দিয়ে গুলশানের একটা আলিশান বাড়ি দেখা যায়। বাড়ির মালিকের রুচিটা অদ্ভুত সুন্দর। তিনি কোটি কোটি টাকার ফ্ল্যাটের লোভকে বুড়ো আঙুল দেখিয়ে একটি দ্বোতলা বাড়ি দিব্যি অক্ষত রেখেছেন যার সামনে একটা বাগান আছে, ছোট্ট পুকুর আছে এমনকি সে পুকুরের উপর দিয়ে একটা বাঁকানো সেতুও আছে। নানান প্রজাতির গাছে হরেক রকম পাখি বসে যে গান শোনায় তা আমি বহুদূর থেকেও বেশ শুনতে পাই ...

The Fear of Fame: A Lost Characteristic

The scholars and the righteous of this Ummah always feared fame and becoming well-known amongst the people. They would dislike for their name to be mentioned much and you can see one of them fleeing from the people as if they were a fitnah (trial), whilst at other times you can see one get up and leave the circle of knowledge which he was conducting because the numbers became too many.