icdbd-QA/0031: Shahada or Tawba which is applicable for a muslim who did not pray Salah

There is someone I know who used to pray but in her life there were short periods of time while she did not pray, one period is of 15 days almost and the other is of 2/3 days around. Alhamdulillah now she has taken Islam seriously. She prays regularly, does hijab. She knows that scholars say that a person is a non-Muslim who do not pray. She wants to know if this will apply in her case or not? If applies then does she have to say shahadah to re-enter Islam?

icdbd-QA/0030: Father’s Income is not halal

My father's income sources are not completely halal at all, he is working  for an Insurance company(so far I know it's not permissible in Islam),he also runs an immigration service business, has some share business , may be some halal sources too. My father prays his salah but doesn't have proper knowledge of Islam. 1.My question is do I have right over his property or money,since his earning is mixture of halal and haram?? 2. I want to start a halal business by the help of his money?? Can I use his money to run a halal business or Can I take his money as a loan?? 3.Though my livelihood,education is taken care of with his money, how much I am accountable for this??

icdbd-QA/0029: Regarding hajj

Dear brothers and sisters in Islam, I wanted some clear conception regarding hajj.. Hope to get some help from you all. My question and the options are mentioned below:- 1. What is better for someone who have already done farz hajj? a.doing hajj for the second time. b.giving that amount in charity c.doing umrah during the month of ramadan. Zajakallakhair for the help and access to this oppurtunity for clearing our doubts.


There is a common practice in our country that when someone becomes seriously sick or needs any major operation then the family members ask the Imam/Huzur of local masjid or the orphans at the orphanage run under any madrasa to make dua for the sick person and in exchange the family pays some money to them. Is this practice correct? If the family does not pay money then is it correct?

icdbd-QA/0025: how to understand the end times of Asr and Maghrib salah without looking at the sun

I want to know how I can understand by my own the end times of Asr and Maghrib salah without looking at the sun or sky since it is not possible always? Is there any approximate hour or minute calculation for this purpose? Because sometimes I get confused if I have time or not for these 2 particular salah when I get late?

icdbd-QA/0022: What is the difference between “waseeyat” and making a will

I would appreciate very much if you could please help me understand verse 2:170 the meaning of which is  ”waseeyat is made obligatory (kutiba) on you regarding your wealth….” . What is the difference between “waseeyat” and making a will. My understanding is that making a will is not permissible in Islam.  Also,  verse 4:7-8 gives specific instruction about inheritance. Then is verse 2:170 talking of any special situation?

icdbd-QA/0021: Combining make-up fasting of Ramadan and Fasting of Shawal

I used to keep my broken Ramadan fasts and 6 days fast of Shawal on the same days. I used to say two different niyahs. But now my sister in Islam says that I cannot keep fast for two niyahs. These fasts  should be kept separately. Now what would happen to my previous fasts. Do I need to do anything regarding those? Will my broken Ramadan fasts that I kept be valid?
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